Rockland-Hanson Rotary Helps Internationally too. Our club joined with other Rotarians in Foxboro, MA and Naga City in the Philippines to improve the learning environment for children in a small village. As in so many Rotary projects, one person, a young teacher in the Philippines, asked someone she knew personally, if Rotarians could help her buy some basic books and a fan for her classroom. We were able to do a lot more.... These pictures tell the story a lot better than a whole bunch of words.

 Working together, and tapping some district level funds from Rotary's own Foundation, our club helped our neighbors across the seas. People helping other people, locally & internationally, is what Rotary is all about. By combining efforts we made a real difference for some children most of us may never meet. Improving their lives will create ripples that can flow further than any of us might imagine. This Rotary year, outlaying very little money, three clubs worked on improving one school. Next year we hope to work with even more people to do more, and we will. Want to help? Contact the club, or Juvy Hartweg, through this website for more details.

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