The Rockland Hanson Rotary Club Welcomed Delegates From Moldova to the USA. Open World, a partnership between a US Congress program and Rotary International brought them to our district. Our club served as a host for an evening of fun.
On Thursday, October 1st,k our club hosted a joint meeting for members of a number of area Rotary Clubs and a delegation of 5 Moldovan government officials, and civic government watchdog organizations. In their home country, these people would be sitting on opposite ends of the table, both sides wanting to do the right thing, but not really trusting each other. Strong friendships grew amongst the differing factions, which will make collaboration a real possibility for their homeland. Rotarians got to share fellowship with each other and the Moldovans. The Moldovans learned a lot about Rotary and Rotarians. As so often is the case when good peolple get together, Everybody Wins. It was a great evening and made a positive difference for peace and understanding both here in the USA and half way around the world.